Toyota AW11 MR2 Engine parts.

The numbers are those you use when ordering parts from Toyota.
Some of these are pre facelift ('84-'86) and some are post facelift ('87-'89).
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Engine parts: (Note: NA & SC parts are different, including block, head, cams, EFI, crank, pistons, dizzy, intake etc...)

Accelerator linkages   Air intake (SC)
Camshafts & valves   Caution plates
Cambelt covers & plate   Crankshaft & piston
Block   Short block
Partial engine (long block)   Engine overhaul kit
Head   Distributor
EFI (1)   EFI (2)
Manifolds & gaskets   Exhaust
EGR   Engine mounts
Fuel (1)   Fuel (2)
Oil filter   Oil pump
Plates   Supercharger
Vacuum hoses   Vacuum piping
Vacuum piping (1)   Vacuum piping (2)
Ventilation hose   V-belts (use 980mm for both if aircon, 840 for one if not)