Toyota AW11 MR2 Body parts.

The numbers are those you use when ordering parts from Toyota.
Some of these are pre facelift ('84-'86) and some are post facelift ('87-'89).
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Body parts:

Decals & emblems   Locks
Door glass & trims   Locks & door handles
Window regulators & door hinges   Mirrors
Targa-top headliner   Targa-tops, rear window etc
Front bumper   Radiator grille, headlights
Bonnet, front guards, chin   Bonnet mechanisms
Spare wheel carrier   Front luggage compartment
Cowl panel & windscreen   Windscreen mouldings
Battery carrier   Quarterlight glass
Front bulkheads   Floor pan & rear bulkheads
Cross members etc   Floor pan side & cross members
Side members (body panels)   Vents
Side mouldings (skirts etc)   Rubbing strips
Rear mouldings   Engine lid
Rear boot lid   Rear boot lining etc
Rear bumper   Chin spoiler & wing