The Ranui Rockets were first launched in 2003.

The prototype Rockets were consistent with any similar project world-wide.

Essentially, they demonstrated varying degrees of success with respect to things like stability, directional control, and effectiveness in the field of combat.

But then, who ever said rocket science would be easy?

Hats off to those early pioneers of rocket development...
Without them the Rockets never could have got off the ground!

The Rockets have come a long way since those early days - but even if they are now highly effective weapons, research and development continues at a feverish pace.

Speed, accuracy and devastating delivery are all part of a rocket's success.

To this end, the mad scientists committed to the project strive to refine their Rockets in an ongoing quest for endurance, directional control and striking power. Years of research and development have paid off...

Today's Rockets are a force to be reckoned with.
Whether deployed in a defensive role, or in a stinging attack, Rockets are to be feared and respected. Like bolts of lightening hurled from the sky, their explosive energy, when unleashed en mass, is devastating.

So next time you find yourself standing in a field alongside the Rockets, rest assured - you're gonna see some fireworks!