Rockets 2003 Mission debrief: MORE PIX NEEDED PLEASE!

2003 saw the launch of the prototype Rockets.

We turned up at the lab with our raw (very raw) materials and handed them over to some mad scientists for development...

And we haven't laughed so hard in years!

Anyone who's got into midget-league soccer will know how it is.
Yeah, you're all proud parents - and you hoot and shout and bounce up and down when the wee ones get somewhere with the ball. But man! Funny!

A mob of micro-sheep milling around after the ball. Five a side hilarity...

So what was it like to be five years old and in the Rockets?

Well, we get there and it's wet.
I mean, WET. Like always. There's big muddly puddles everywhere, and it's soooo slippery!
I can't slide on the wet grass tho cos there's these spikey things poking outta the bottom of my boots... but those puddles are fun! If I jump in one real hard I can even splash mud all over Mum's legs!

Whaddaya mean I can't play too? When's it my turn to go on? I don't like this "sub" thing. I'm bored... I know, I'll start a fight with the kid next to me. That'll get me outta here...

Ha-ha, you HAD to let me on eh.

OK, I'm gonna run over there and get right into it like the rest of them. Looks like FUN.
I can yell and kick and push and run and jump in the puddles - maybe I can even trip someone up and get them to land in one and get a muddy bum?

How am I supposed to kick that ball when everyone else is all round it?
I mean it's hard enough to just kick it , without EVERYONE crowding around it too...

Right, you said "get the ball" so I got it - you said "boot it" so I did - then you said "kick it between the cones" so I did. Why isn't it a goal - I kicked it between the cones. What do you mean "wrong cones"? Oh, THOSE ones - the closer together ones. So why are there more cones too? And I thought it made more sense to kick it through the further-apart ones cos that would be easier... OK, next time...

Half time. Oranges are yummy!

OK here we go, got to get that ball through the closer-together cones. Everyone's around the ball, all in my way.
Kick, kick, kick... Got that guy with the other-coloured shirt in the shins - that's good, he's run off crying so there's one less of them now. There's someone with the ball - I need to get it off him so I can kick it through the cones... Tackle him, kick kick. What do they mean "don't tackle each other"? I thought we were SUPPOSED to tackle people? Oh, cos he's in my team... Well so what if he is in my team? I'm going to score a goal, why should I let HIM do it?

Got the ball. There's the cones. Right, now's my chance - biggest hardest kick I can do - BOOM!
YEAH! Got it in - HOW'S THAT DAD!!!

Huh - why's everyone looking at me like that? "Own goal"? Yeah that was MY own goal, wasn't that other kid's cos I got the ball off him. Huh? "Wrong way"? Oh I don't know, there's just too many things to remember...

OK, I'm wet. And cold. My socks are wet, my bum's wet, my shirt's wet, my head's wet, my fingers are frozen and all wrinkled and funny... And all you grown-ups are hiding under umbrellas while you tell us to go charging around in the rain? I'm cold... Can we go home now...?

2003 Pix

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The prototype Rockets at Parr's Park (slushville)

Featured in the pic are two of our mad scientists, Willie and Debbie

With (backs to the camera, from left) Corey, Timmy, Ben, Sean and Isaac.

Absent are Jessica and her brother Liam (not the same Liam we scored the next year).

Isaac defends at Parr's Park

We quickly came to see Isaac's strength as a sweeper - he seemed to be able to read the play and get where he was needed, and tackle people to boot! Others showed skills in other areas early on, but Isaac's sweeper skills turned him into the Rockets' primary defensive weapon for several years.

Rockets, from left: Sean, Ben, Corey, Timmy, Isaac.