Block Formatting Elements

Block formatting elements are used for the formatting of whole blocks of text within a HTML document, rather than single characters. They should all (if present) be within the body of the document. (I.e. within the <BODY> ... </BODY> elements)

The essential block formatting elements are :

<ADDRESS> - Format an address section
<BLOCKQUOTE> - To quote text from another source.
<CENTER>- Centering text on the page.
<DIV> - Allow centering, or left/right justification of text.
<FIELDSET> - Framed Container.
<Hx> - Format six levels of heading.
<LAYER> - Distinct layers of content.
<LEGEND> - FieldSet legend.
<LISTING> - Text formatting.
<MARQUEE> - Highlighted scrolling text.
<MULTICOL> - Create multi-column layouts.
<P> - Specify what text constitutes a paragraph and its alignment.
<PLAINTEXT> - For text formatting.
<PRE> - Use text already formatted.
<XMP> - Text formatting.