Introduction to the HTMLib

To access information about any HTML element, locate it via the Index (accesible from the Index button, or View menu) and it's details and examples will be displayed in this window. If you are just browsing the information, then use the 'Contents' page (accessible from the Contents button, or View menu) to go to overviews of HTML sections.

HTML Reference Library Conventions
In all of the reference pages, I have tried to make it easy to distinguish example code from the explanatory text, by displaying any example HTML code in an italic green font, with the relevant code being described being bold text. Also, on a page detailing an element that has several attributes, the first time each attribute is mentioned, it will be in a Bold, Maroon font.

Within the HTMLHelp HTMLib, there are two types of hyperlinks. Internal hyperlinks are those that take you to a different topic inside the HTMLib. They appear like this. External links are links that take you to a remote Web site. For these links, a separate copy of Internet Explorer will navigate to the remote link, leaving the HTMLib still available. External links appear like this. Note that only one external Internet Explorer will be used by the HTMLib, with the running instance being 'Stopped' before the new external link is loaded. If you want more than one external copy of Internet Explorer running at any one time, then open a separate copy manually and use the URL given in the HTMLib for the new document. If you already have Internet Explorer running when any HTMLib external links are activated, a new instance (under the control of the HTMLib) of Internet Explorer will be used to navigate to the links given in the HTMLib.

Where a page uses examples that are completely browser dependant and no display workaround was possible, then a graphic for the particular browser required will be visible at the top of the page, surrounding the heading. I hope this doesn't cause too many problems.

What the HTMLib is and isn't
The HTMLib is the most comprehensive guide to currently useable HTML elements available. Where other reference material falls down is that it details (normally without examples) all HTML elements covered in various HTML specifications originating from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). While most of the elements in such specifications have been adopted by browsers, a lot haven't (particularly in the case of the ill-fated HTML 3.0 specification). There is no point in documenting such elements in a useable reference. So, the HTMLib covers only those elements that have been adopted by browsers and attempts to detail the level of support for those elements. It's secondary aim is to provide a single location for such documentation, to eliminate the need for expensive on-line checking of browser support for HTML elements.

The HTMLib isn't designed to replace any of the W3C specification documents, or documentation provided by browser vendors. This is particularly the case when considering the HTMLib Scripting reference. Scripting is largely the programming side of HTML and as such relies on the imagination and skill of the script author to produce almost limitless effects. While you are still constrained by browser support for scripting capabilities, this gap is less than the cavernous gulf between the HTML capabilities of browsers. Where external links to other reference material are given, the reader is encouraged to check the documentation, as such links imply that the particular section of information in the HTMLib is condensed.

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