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Genius versus wisdom...

There's undoubtedly creative genius behind the work of any successful inventor.
But just because you're an exceedingly Bright Spark doesn't mean you're wise.

History is riddled with cases of brilliant minds who conceived an idea, made it known, and lived to deeply regret the fact they had ever opened their mouths.

In many cases these geniuses did all they could to undo their work. Or to somehow "make amends" to humanity (or just their own conscience) by attempting to do a greater deed of good to offset the wrong.

Think about it.

How would you like to have been the chap who invented dynamite for the sake of mining coal, only to find it is packaged into artillery shells and used to kill men in their millions.

Or the bloke who defined and patented the idea of the atom bomb? He spent half his life developing it, and the other half trying to stop it's production and use. I would guess he must have been something of a "haunted" individual.

There's a fairly common expression which could sum up this syndrome:
"Blast, what was I thinking?"

"Gadget" the first A-bomb, Trinity test site, July 16 1945

First detonation of the atom bomb
July 16 1945
Trinity test site, USA.
Photo from US Government public documentation
courtesy of Gregory Walker's Trinity Atomic Web Site.



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